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A career as a Postpartum Doula can give you the freedom to make money doing what you love!

Choosing the right postpartum doula certification is key to launching your doula career successfully.

ABG Postpartum Doula training will nurture your passion for helping new families – and give you the tools you need to become the best postpartum doula you can be.

With ABG Doula Training, you’ll develop your skills as a postpartum professional, while also learning the business side of becoming a doula.

Our Postpartum Doula training can help boost your confidence in your career as a Postpartum Doula!

2 parents reading a book while pregnant

The need for well-trained Postpartum Doulas continues to rise.
Every time a new baby comes into a family, whether through direct birth, surrogacy, or adoption, that family can benefit from the assistance of a knowledgeable, caring professional. A Postpartum Doula supports the growing family with education and information, helps around the house, and has ample experience with babies. Their non-judgmental advocacy helps new parents feel secure and confident as they find their own way in parenting.
YOU can support families in finding the joy of a new baby and to discover tools that make life easier during this time. YOU have the potential to touch so many lives!

ABG Postpartum Doula training in a nutshell…


ABG’s thorough postpartum doula training focuses on three main areas:

Why and how professional postpartum doula support is significant.

Practical hands-on support techniques for babies and new parents.

How to create a thriving, professional doula business.


Postpartum Doulas typically earn between $25 and $75 per hour, depending upon the area in which you live. This means that postpartum doula care is highly valued, and has the potential for you to earn a viable income doing what you love.

Who Can Become a Postpartum Doula?

Postpartum doulas, often also referred to as postnatal doulas, are used in many parts of the world. They provide emotional, practical, and non-medical support at home for new and growing families.


Postpartum Doulas come from a variety of backgrounds. Sometimes, my postpartum doula students come from a healthcare background. Several of my students have been nurses, and some have worked in childcare, or as nannies. Many ABG Postpartum Doula Training students have chosen this path because they were tired of work that felt unfulfilling.
Some are moms with their own parenting experience. Some don’t have children of their own but enjoy nurturing babies and growing families.
Allison Coleman runs a successful postpartum doula agency in Austin, Texas, USA. Her select team of doulas has served new families and offered award-winning classes in Austin for over 10 years.
Allison has personally trained doulas since 2015 using her exclusive ABG Postpartum Doula Training method. Many of these students have previously trained elsewhere, and found ABG Doula Training to fill a significant role in their postpartum professional journey. Allison’s Postpartum Doula certification program is one of the few doula training programs with an exclusive focus on postpartum care. In February of 2020, the ABG Postpartum Doula Certification program became fully accessible online.

Allison believes that families have an easier and happier start when they have support as their family grows. She has been able to offer this support in a variety of ways over the last 25 years.
Allsion now works as both a postpartum doula and doula trainer
and is particularly skilled at offering non-judgmental support, practical education- through clear teaching, and a unique ability to aid others in finding and respecting their own boundaries with confidence.


Hear from Some of Our Former Students:

“I thoroughly enjoyed Allison’s Postpartum Doula certification. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all of the support new families need. She enabled me to walk into the role of a Doula feeling confident and supported. Thank you.”

Mercy Barber

After having a busy birth doula business for 10 years, I decided to shift my focus to postpartum work. Despite having trained with DONA for my birth doula certification, I knew I wanted a different experience…

The training provided an excellent foundation and the mentoring provided me the experiential learning that suits me best. I can’t think of a better way to train and certify.”

Amanda Wyszkowski

“I highly recommend the ABG Postpartum Doula training program. Training with ABG provided me with the confidence I needed to jump in and begin supporting families.

I have been working as a Postpartum Doula for almost 3 years now and I give credit to the ABG Postpartum Doula training program for giving me the start I needed.”

Kristen Lucas

“There is so much that goes into building your Postpartum Doula career…
You must have deep knowledge of various topics of birth and postpartum in order to understand what a family needs. 

I found all those things and much more by training at ABG.

I have felt so supported throughout this process!”

Carla Khalsa Carruth

If you’re considering a career as a postpartum doula, we would love to welcome you into the ABG Doula Training community. Our training is self-paced, which means you can start as soon as you are ready and take as long as you need to complete the training.

The training consists of nine individual modules. Each module includes video recordings from my classes, and each has its own reading list.

The modules include:

The Role of a Postpartum Doula (two parts)

  • Working with the Family (Part I)
  • Business and communication (Part II)

Birth Physiology and Healing

Infant Safety/CPR

Newborn Care

Baby Feeding

Working with Multiples

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Grief and Loss

Growing into a Family

Diversity and Inclusion in Birthwork

  • Working with Trans & Queer Families
  • Anti-Racism in Your Doula Practice
(If you live in the Central Texas area, you are welcome to audit my live classes.)

Once you enroll, you will receive ABG’s Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics documents for Postpartum Doulas.

You’ll also receive access to the modules, ** which include classes, videos, booklist, links etc, the checklist and the reading list.

When you enroll in ABG Postpartum Doula Training, you will also receive these two valuable bonuses:

Membership in the ABG Doula Network Private Group, where you will find support and mentoring from our staff and many experienced postpartum doulas.

Email and text access to a trainer for answers to your questions and continued mentoring.

Since we believe that professional development is part of your journey as a professional doula, ABG does not require recertification or on-going yearly fees.

While our training provides a solid foundation that will support you in becoming a great postpartum doula, I do expect students to continue seeking out additional professional education. We often share opportunities for workshops, classes, and conferences in our facebook group.

ABG Postpartum Doula Training is a perfect excellent opportunity for a self-motivated person who wants to create their own career, on their own terms.


Q: How much time do I have to complete the training?

When you purchase the ABG Postpartum Doula Training program, you gain lifetime access to the training modules, and you can take as much time as you need to complete them.

Q: How much does ABG Postpartum Doula Training cost?

The price is a one-time fee of $725 (USD).

Q: Are there any additional fees or charges for keeping my ABG Postpartum Doula certification active?

None. Your one-time payment covers access to all training materials, including our Facebook group. We will never require additional fees, no matter how long you take to complete your training.

Q: How long does my certification last with ABG?

Once complete, your certification is for life, and there are no additional fees or certification requirements.

Q: You mentioned something about seeking out additional education...why?

Because I hope that you will remain motivated to become the best postpartum doula you can be, even after your initial training is complete. Self-driven curiosity is part of our culture as ABG doulas – but additional training programs are not a requirement.

Still have questions?
Email me at: and I will be happy to help.

Once Purchase Is Complete:
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If You Cannot Locate Our Email After Half Hour, Please Check The Junk/Spam Folder To See If It Ended Up there. If Not Then Contact Us. thank You.

Thank you for choosing ABG to support your professional postpartum doula career!

“I am always confident when hiring postpartum doulas who have trained with Allison because I know they have been given the proper tools needed to become amazing doulas. Allison is an asset to the Austin community and I am grateful to know her and consider her my mentor.””


Co-Owner, Dream Baby Austin